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Our digital security products are the by products of modern-age technology, designed to be sleek while keeping your security at our top of mind.

We have a mix of digital security products for your varying home needs.

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  • No more losing your keys.
  • No more duplication of keys.
  • No need to double check if your door is locked.
  • No need to be physically present to unlock your door.
  • Know what time your children reaches home.

How To Get Started

Select from our premium range of digital security products that suit your needs and requirements.

Proceed to checkout your items and schedule a date for our friendly staffs to drop by for installations of the digital security products.

Our friendly team will contact you to request for a picture and dimension of your door. Our staff will confirm the installation details and walk through with you on the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Security Products

An advanced digital door lock that can be unlocked by various methods, such as PIN codes, Fingerprints, RFID cards and remote unlock via the mobile app. 

With a digital door lock, you can conveniently leave your home secured without the hassle of bringing a bunch of physical keys outdoors. This is most suitable for families of all ages and sizes.

Security is now a necessity for every family. Having an advanced digital door lock with it’s high level of security features with real time notification function, You can ensure the peace of mind it will bring to your daily lives.

Digital door locks can be installed on doors with different thickness. Enquire with us now to find out if your door is suitable for installation.

Digital door locks have a low battery trigger that will inform you that the battery is low. You can also see your mobile application to check the remaining battery life. In addition, HomeSecure Premium Products have a built-in lithium battery that can last for 1.5 years with 500 charge-discharge cycles.

HomeSecure’s Digital lock is very simple to use and you will only need your fingerprint or RFID card to unlock your door. HomeSecure’s Digital lock also utilizes a very user-friendly mobile application that allows you to control the lock using the app.

Yes, with the hassle-free and peace of mind it can bring you - Digital lock is worth every penny. Also, never compromise your security.

The biggest advantage of a door viewer is that it has a doorbell call function which allows you to see and communicate with the person in front of your door even if you are far away from home.

CCTV will provide 24/7 security to your home as it is also an effective crime deterrent. With it’s wide angle and high sensitivity detection, you will be prompt realtime on all unwanted motion in your property.

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